Corporate Governance

The corporate governance practice counsels boards of directors and senior executives on the full range of corporate governance issues that confront companies and their leadership, including:

  • Board structure and composition;
  • Duties of independent board chair or independent lead director;
  • Board committee structure and composition and board committee charters;
  • Senior executive and director succession planning;
  • Board and board committee evaluation and self-evaluation processes;
  • Enterprise risk identification and risk management;
  • Senior executive and director compensation policies and planning;
  • Representation of boards and board committees; and
  • Best practices for corporate governance, including review and updating of charter and bylaws.
Corporate Governance Law - Law JDC

In addition to counseling on governance matters, I also provide advice and support in transactional and crisis management situations, including:

  • Conflict of interest and related party transactions;
  • Foreign corrupt practices inquiries and investigations;
  • Review of actions of domestic and international subsidiaries;
  • Government investigations; and
  • Special board committee investigations and reports.